Muskogee County Democrats Oklahoma Democrats
Listed below are the announced candidates for state and national offices with links to website, facebook. In particular, candidates for Congressional  District 2.


Joy Hofmeister (D), Candidate for Governor,
Connie Johnson (D), Candidate for Governor

Moira McCabe (R), Candidate for Governor

Mark Sherwood (R), Candidate for Governor

US Senate (either Lankford seat or Inhoff seat)

Madison Horn (D), Candidate for US Senate.

Kendra Horn (D) , Candidate for US Senate (no website at this time)

James Lankford (R) Candidate for US Senate

Joan Farr (R),  Candidate for US Senate

Jessica Garrison (R), Candidate for US Senate

Jackson Lahmeyer (R), Candidate for US Senate

Markwayne Mulling (R), Candidate US Senate

US House, CD 2

Chris Schiller (R), US Congress,Dist 2

Marty Quinn (R), US Congress, Dist 2

Dustin Roberts (R), US Congress, Dist 2

Avery Frix (R), US Congress Dist. 2

Naomi Andrews (D), US Congres, Dist 2

John Bennet (R), US Congress,  Dist 2

No website found

Erick Wyatt, (R), US Congress, Dist 2

Johnny Teehee, (R), US Congress, Dist. 2