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I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and a wish for a wonderful year ahead. I also wanted to help you with your New Year's Resolution record. How? By giving you an idea as to how you can meet a resolution you can make and achieve before the end of the month!


Resolution - Make a monthly donation to my Democratic Party.

I'm asking you to quickly and easily resolve to make a monthly donation to the "Muskogee County Democratic Party (OK)" via ActBlue.  (

We need your help! We need funds on a recurring basis to continue to make in-roads into overtaking the absolute lock that the Republicans have on us. That takes your involvement and your contribution. Most of you do not show up to our meetings, which is our primary means of acquiring a donation. I am asking that you set up a Recurring Donation of $5 or more per month via ActBlue to help us fund and support area candidates and to get our word out to our voters.

I'm challenging you to help us at least double the current number of recurring ActBlue contributors to 10 by the end of January. Use the link above now to sign up and contribute. A little bit of support from several of you will go a long way to help us get Democrats elected. 

Come on, get involved today. I know personally what it takes to attempt to overcome the Republican onslaught that we are facing. It begins with your involvement and your support. My campaign was outspent 3/1 and outraised 4/1. I'm not saying we need to match them, but we need to do much better than we have. Let's do this Democrats.

Please share this email with other like-minded Democrats to get them involved in our growth efforts. It takes more than 5 people's involvement to carry Muskogee County. Get involved...

Thank you - Please sign-up today!


Jim Haley - Treasurer, Muskogee County Democratic Party

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