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New ActBlue Account Now Available
Muskogee County Democratic Party (OK) — Donate via ActBlue

We are pleased to announce that the Muskogee County Democratic Party now has an easier way for party members to make contributions to our group in support of our efforts. Before, you pretty much had to attend one of our meetings to help us help our party. Now, you can simply click on the link above to ActBlue and set-up your account, if you do not have one, and fill out the Muskogee County Democratic Party donation form.
We have operated for years without adequate funding support for our needs. We all should know that our very democracy is currently under attack by the Republican Party. We must step up our efforts to protect and defend our democracy from the autocratic push currently being waged against our nation. This will take money and people resources to succeed. That means YOU!
Please help our nation and get involved today by donating and attending our monthly meetings. We will be organizing our GOTV – Get Out the Vote efforts soon to counter the lies and cheating and pure power grab that is being waged by the Republicans. Please join us now, DONATE Today!
P.S. Please consider making a recurring donation. Every dollar helps. Share this information with your other likeminded colleagues.